Imagine, a resentment. Imagine a resentment.

At AA meetings, we hear some outstanding shares.

One, in particular, came up the other day. A young lady said. “I became very resentful over something a couple of days ago. And it is still with me and still bothers me”.

She paused, taking a sip of her coffee, “but that is not the problem. The problem is I am not sure it ever happened.”

Is that not the truth? Everyone in the room laughed, and everyone who laughed understood that they were laughing at themselves. Each of us had resentments that were, on reflection, created in our minds.

My memory is short and creative.

I can take small things and make them grow. I can take big things and make them small. I can imagine something and, with enough time, call it a fact rather than a myth.



Andy Crooks writing as Andy C

For Andy C, not drinking was the first spiritual awakening. He’s been blessed with subsequent spiritual awakenings as the results of the 12 steps.